Preparing music for the church year

Every year as a church musician, I feel intimidated by the idea that I must plan music for the whole church year.  This means I need resources for keyboard, Piano and organ, adult sanctuary choir, children’s choir, Praise group and solos and ensembles.  I usually start in the summer and begin to review music on line.  I listen to hundreds of examples and usually choose three or four new choir pieces each year.  Because we sing every week there really isn’t time to prepare all new music each week.  So we need to do a combination of new and old music.  Each service requires two special music pieces.   The bell choir plays once a month.  The children’s choir sings once a month and the Praise group provides music for a complete service once a month.  The sanctuary choir prepares 6 pieces or more per month. This is a lot of music.  Last year the sanctuary choir prepared 62 anthems.  So it is the end of July and it is time to begin this process.